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Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Definitely Pieholesmacked....

...but in a good way. If I haven't told you guys how awesome you are lately, well, I've been sadly remiss. I came home from school today and logged onto Blogger to see if I had a couple of comments to moderate....and almost fell off my chair when I found SIXTEEN of them. Then I got all teary. Because the realization that so many of you who have never even met me would take the time to offer your support and your encouragement.....well. We may not have met in person, but we've met in spirit, and you guys are absolutely the best friends in the world. I do believe you've drowned out "the voice"....which is pretty amazing. Here, let's see:

I got a test back today in Biology 212....and I got a perfect score plus 2 extra credit points. And I worked hard and totally deserved it.

Pause to see if little irritating voice will point out imagined unworthiness...nope. I think she's pieholesmacked too.

Anyway, someone mentioned singing the alphabet song to alphabetize and I wanted to come right over and hug you because I do exactly the same thing. I also talk under my breath when doing simple mathematics, as in "Let's see, 3 minus 7, have to borrow, 13 minus 7 is 6, now we took one away from the 2 so it's a 1, 1 minus 4...have to borrow, 11 minus 4 is seven" etc. And I occasionally count on my fingers. And I've been known to nod knowingly when very smart people ask if I've read or seen something that it seems apparent I should have...and then respond "Yes, but it's been awhile. Refresh my memory." I know. I should be ashamed of that one.

Oh, and whoever admired the sock yarn, it's Fleece Artist in the Marine colorway. I love it, too! Can't wait to wear them, especially now that I know I don't have to butter my legs.

Bottom line: I want to come over to all of your houses and give you a great big hug, and a thank you for caring so much. It was exactly what I needed, and I didn't even know that I did. So yeah, I'll be over in a bit (longer for you folks across the pond). Have cookies and knitting ready. = )

Oh, and to all of you who suggested that I deserved a bit of stash reward....I feel a bit better now about admitting to this:

It's a merino/tencel blend sock yarn which is as soft as baby hair and hand dyed by the Yarn Pirate. She's local, as it turns out, and I needed that like I need....well, another big hole in my wallet through which money can flow freely outwards. But damn, isn't it PRETTY? Check her out--this yarn is seriously droolworthy. This is the Sweethearts colorway; she also just did one called Neopolitan (pink, brown, white) and another called Dogwood (just pink and brown) that tried ever so hard to come home with me as well. I was firm...but let us not pretend that I'll forget where I can buy them or anything.

Well, I was going to talk to you today about possible cures for Mr. K's snoring...which has been so bad this week (he has a cold) that the FDA has started routing planes around our house at night so as to avoid messing up the instruments. It's bad. And I adore him and I know it's not his fault and I only want good things for him, truly...but will I burn in hell for thinking at 3:00 this morning that I could probably stuff an entire sweatsock into his mouth before he woke up and possibly muffle the sound? (I was going to use a clean one. Really, I'm not THAT mean.) How about for shoving him so hard with one foot (in hopes of shifting his level of sleep enough that the snoring might stop temporarily) that I nearly knocked him out of bed and then, when he started awake, playing dumb and saying "What's the matter, Sweetie? Did you have a bad dream?"? How about for thinking that if he did that really loud pigsnort thing one more time I was going to ball up the cat and throw it at him, pointy bits first? (In my defense, this was around 5:00 am and I had to get up for school and he got to keep sleeping.) Okay, what about for taking an unnecessarily noisy shower because if I couldn't sleep, by God neither could he? Tickling his feet every time I walked by to get socks, lotion, etc.? Greeting his cheery "good morning" with a grunted "Yeah, you WOULD think so."?

Yep, probably burning in hell. I just hope my yarn doesn't have to come with me. Burning wool smells nasty.

Lastly, a little something for the kitty fans. When I finally gave up and stumbled out of bed this morning it was still early, so I stopped to skim the internet quickly. I was apparently not firing on all cylinders (one, maybe. Just one.) because I failed to recall the rule about feeding the kitties before computer play. We did not ALL forget:

"Look Lady--I fixed Mickey's ass. I can fix yours, too."

(Ignore the carpet spot...that's just a wad of fluff that, naturally, I didn't notice until after I took the photo. I think it's the last of the dust bunnies that didn't get eaten by the dust gorillas.)

Giant hugs to all of you. Again. You have no idea how much it means.


  • At 4:41 PM, Blogger Marianne said…

    Burning in hell, hey! come on in, yeah, have a seat, oh yeah? you think it's a bit warm in here? Yeah, well.. Have some tea and cookies....they help.....there's lots of folks we both know here, I'll point'em out for you....we'll have ourselves a very fine time.
    Hi Ed.

  • At 6:46 PM, Anonymous MonicaPDX said…

    ROFL - I do the same thing with the math. I make no apologies. My SAT scores dropped like a bungee jumper whose cables failed on that section. (So who cares, I still got the highest scores in my school. I'm working on that little voice, too. [g] "Hey, they say I shouldn't go into engineering or physics. Ya think?! Twits." Lotta good it did anyway; 'secretary' was not what you'd call a pinnacle of an interesting career path.) The yarn looks amazing, and yeah, you deserve some!

    As to snoring spouses - totally understand. I think the only way to get 'em back is by returning the favor. [eg]

    Knitting, check. Hugs, check. (I'm reputed to give good hug.) Cookies - will 1950's Hamilton-Beach mixer cookbook brownies do? Best. Recipe. Ever! Oh god; I've got all the ingredients to hand. Guess what I'm gonna be making tonight? And Ed? You're scaring me! Those eyes! Reminds me of an old Charlton Heston movie...

  • At 8:10 PM, Blogger Faren said…

    I should comment more often, but I wanted to let you know I always read and appreciate your posts, they are always fun! And I hope the little voice is gone for good, everyone can do some stupid things(I've done more than my share), but with those two tests alone(and I know you've done very well on other tests too) you have proven you are one smart cookie!
    Speaking of cookies, I've been on a chocolate dipped pretzel kick lately, will they work? ;)

  • At 8:12 PM, Blogger Faren said…

    oh, and I also love the jaywalkers with that colorway, so pretty! I keep forgetting about mentioning it!

  • At 7:44 AM, Anonymous Jill said…

    We do cookies and cappucino in this knitter's house. But I do make'em better than the coffee shops *she says humbly*. Knitters are always welcome(if I get a few minutes to contain the mess!

    The alphabet song is about the only thing that gets me through the phone book most days.

    I like the cat throwing idea to cure the snoring. Even if it doesn't work, you could have some fun with that one!

  • At 8:40 AM, Blogger beckie said…

    Right after I read your post (I had some time this morning), I went into the bedroom and my hubby was snoring up a storm! It was hilarious!
    Normally, I just shove him or kick him, which results in him rolling over and stop snoring for long enough for me to fall back asleep. *That does not always work, unforunately*

    Love the yarn! Congrats on the test!

  • At 10:54 AM, Blogger Kitty Mommy said…

    Whoa! That is one seriously P.O.ed kitteh!

    I have a snorer too...I feel your pain! I think I have tried most of those techniques at one time or another.

  • At 11:20 AM, Blogger Dianne said…

    Ms.K, have you considered the 'breathing strips' for Mr.K?..I've been told..via sudden jerks, tugs, kicks etc..that I also snore..and I've tried those temporarily and they have worked. I have extreme sinus/allergy probs..and have found since using my NetiPot with salt water..I tend to not snore as badly..keeps all the stuff cleaned up and easier breathing..then of course..there's..the 'guest room'..that I threaten with if I'm too loud..In dealing with MOTH..I tug the sheets when he snores..just enough to startle that he will change positions..of course there is also MiniMoth that sleeps by the bed..and he puts both of us too shame in the snoring category...he's off the charts..Good luck ..and Happy Knittinig

  • At 12:30 PM, Blogger Charity said…

    Big hug back! Hey, I still count on my fingers - are you saying that's not normal?

    My hubby just made a great big batch of cookies - I'll go put the kettle on! :0)

  • At 12:36 PM, Blogger Robin said…

    Jeez there could you forget about Ed? That death stare even has me scared!
    I love that yarn!

    Thanks for making me laugh with each post!


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