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Tuesday, October 10, 2006


In which it should become abundantly clear that Ms. Knitingale is a dumbass.....

I'm so glad some of you out there can count and, apparently, know how to make use of calendars. I'm hoping someone will impart this secret knowledge to me, seeing as how I seemed to think that the end of October was about a month and a half away from the middle of it. D'oh! (Smacking forehead with hand, firmly.) Did anyone ever see the Simpsons episode where Homer starts singing about how smart he is?

"I am so smart!
I am so smart!
I'm such a smartie!"

Yeah, that's me. Sadly.

Thank you so much for gently pointing out my lapse. American Thanksgiving was, indeed, the holiday I had in mind (so easily confused with Halloween--don't all of you dress up in costumes and serve candy for Thanksgiving dinner in little plastic pumpkins? No? Huh. The things you learn about people.)

Oh, and since I'm typing an addendum (cause it makes me feel so darned important to use a big word like addendum), Jo and Marianne both asked about the socks. They're knit with a recycled wool which seems to be DK and I'm knitting them on #4's. Not huge, but definitely not the toothpicks that dear Jo refers to (and how well I know!). They're toe up on two circs, and for hubby I started with 12 on each needle and increased by twos (one in the second stitch and one in the second to last stitch on each needle every row or every other row as takes your fancy) until I had 24 on each needle. Then I just went round and round (plain vanilla stockinette, due to the striping and fuzziness of the yarn) until I was about 3/4 - 1 inch shy of the end of his actual heel (60 rows from where I stopped increasing) and worked a short row heel, taking it down to 10 stitches before going back up. To help avoid holes where the heel rejoins the foot, I slid one stitch from the end of each needle onto the end of the other (hard to explain, but you should end up with the same number on each) and then knit the moved stitch together with the one next to it through the back of the loops. That leaves 23 stitches per needle (which you already knew since you are possessed of the secret of the math) but I was good with that because Mr. K has wide feet and I wanted the leg of the sock to fit snugly and be warm.

Hope that helps, Dear Ones. I'm going to go study math for awhile....maybe by tomorrow I'll be ready to learn about the calendar.....


  • At 8:06 PM, Anonymous Marianne said…

    You so rock my world. heh heh, seriously.
    And for the record?? I figured you meant Thanksgiving..

  • At 9:48 AM, Blogger Peg said…

    Ms. K. I am glad to hear the mailing deadline is Nov., not Oct. 31. That would be cutting it fine! I await my giftee's name. Meanwhile, I will keep my eyes open!!


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