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Saturday, October 07, 2006

You Guys Completely Rock

No, you totally do. Because I know deep down in my heart that it’s your positive energy and kind thoughts that have turned the tide in my favor, and I am more grateful than I can tell you. It amazes me to have the support of lovely people that I haven’t even met—but know that I’m winging the same kind of love back your way. Let me tell you what happened:

Remember my saying that I e-mailed the head of the nursing program and got a terse note back that might as well have been signed “Ms. I Don’t Give A Rat’s Tushie” and essentially said “It sucks to be you.” And I was kind of cowed by this, kind of intimidated, kind of ready to throw in the towel. But I decided I wasn’t done with the towel and I wrote a terse note of my own. I was more direct and firm than I thought I would have dared being, although I was never rude. I did point out that I felt that the school was responsible for my problem and my expectation was that they would work with me to resolve it. I also included the bit about doing what they promised not being “special” consideration. It may or may not have needed to be said…but I sure as wool needed to say it.

After I posted my blog yesterday, I was feeling pretty down, seriously considering what other career options might be open to me….when “Ms. I Don’t Give A Rat’s Tushie” wrote me back……and it was NICE. She thanked me for writing (although I wouldn’t be surprised if that hurt a bit) and said she had gone to talk to the medical director. I’d love to have been there for that conversation, which I’m sure had to include the phrase “….and you have to do something or this crazy broad won’t EVER leave me alone!!!” Anyhow, the medical director agreed that this is a problem, and has agreed to allow anyone affected the way I am to be eligible for provisional acceptance. That is, we can apply without the CNA license, and if we’re accepted we have to get the license before school starts or the acceptance goes away. The selection committee will be instructed to treat our applications just like everyone else’s. How amazingly cool is THAT?? It’s gotta be you guys…..I knew you were rooting for me, and I didn’t want to waste all that good energy so I pushed back even though it scared me a bit. If I could, I’d take you all out for a celebratory drink of your choice. Can there be any doubt that knitters should rule the world?

Astoundingly, there have been other things going on as well. For instance, I got up and considered, not for the first time, why poor Mr. K’s socks have been sitting ignored for so long. Turns out that I hated doing them. See, this was my first attempt at knitting two socks at the same time and I thought I’d love it……but it drove me nuts. It felt fiddly and annoying. I also decided that I really didn’t like the yarn all that much—so off it came. It was a huge relief pulling those things off the needles….I may have giggled maniacally as I unraveled. Then I selected a different yarn (fuzzy, soft, ever-so-faintly striped in blue and gray) and bigger needles and started on one sock. Mr. K loves it and I’m actually enjoying working on socks for him again (as much as my elbow thinks the whole thing sucks). Here he is holding the very first toe:

It’s a tight weave….but he wants to wear them around the house when his feet are cold so I wanted it pretty dense. I could have aimed to felt them…but I’ve never done that and I think I really need to get on the ball and produce some socks for the poor guy before he gets a complex watching me knit for everyone else but him!

Remember my mentioning the three little hairy serial killers that live in the garage? They outdid themselves this week, possibly in honor of Halloween. They brought a dead bat into the garage. Swear to God. I knew we had ‘em around here but still…..eww! Now I can’t go into the garage for fear its whole family is waiting out there to take revenge on me for putting a contract out on their kinfolk. Yeah, I know—why would a bat willingly come in the cat door? But it’s a case of the screaming boo-boo jeebees, people. It ain’t logic. (In case you’re worried, all the outdoor furfolk are up to date on all their shots….the bat was maximum creepy, but not dangerous to them).

I’ll finish with some pics of Ed, the great striped hunter (I’m pretty sure it was him that brought home the Halloween decoration). We came home from dinner tonight and got him well and truly stoned on some quality nip. He’s a happy, happy boy.

"Dude........I am SO wasted......."


  • At 7:22 PM, Anonymous Marianne said…

    That Ed is one tremendously handsome puss!
    Even though a sweet little birdie gave me the good news already..YAY!
    and yes, knitters *should* rule the world. Hey, seems to me we have tremendous 'pull' with the universe, eh?

    Also, big YAY on Mr.K's new socks in progress!
    I've been working on the pirate hat this I nuts? er, don't answer that...
    I am soooooooo very happy for you, I truly did have a feeling that it would all work out...

  • At 8:47 PM, Blogger Faren said…

    I'm so glad they finally saw reason! Yayy for you! Hopefully it just gets better and better. Glad the socks for Mr. K is going better too, sometimes you just have to admit you need to start over. I occasionally have a hard time ripping out all my hard work....even if it really needed it.
    P.S. I'm working on my first cables! and it is looking good!

  • At 10:31 PM, Blogger Kit Is Knitting said…

    WOO, CONGRATULATIONS! Good luck now on getting that CNA finished in a hurry. And I like the new sock. Looks nice.

  • At 8:01 AM, Blogger Peg said…

    Hi Ms. K. Jo linked me to your blog and I am so glad she did. The story of trying to get in to nursing was sad, but you did it all with humour. I guess it would hurt a bit if I told you I just got back from my nursing reunion - 45 years. In those "good old day" you simply had to breathe on a cold mirror and you were in if there was moisture on the mirror and you looked to have a strong back! Good luck! PS What book is Bianca in?


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