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Thursday, November 01, 2007

Quick and....

...well, not dirty. At least, not other than the language that I am ashamed to say came from my pristine lips the other day. (This is a familiar trend, isn't it?) See, I read all your kind posts and thought "Why yes! I SHOULD buy the green yarn. Monica's right--I'd be a traitor to the entire Pacific Northwest if I didn't buy it! And Jo's right that I could win the lottery and have all the time in the world to knit and then I'd just whip through my stash in no time so I'd really better start building it up. (We'll just breeze past the fact that I've never purchased a lottery ticket in my life....a fantasy is a fantasy, after all.) And you know, it's all going to be just swell--hey kids, let's put on a show!" And so on. Thusly hopped up on the enabling of good friends (who know when "talk me out of it" really means "you know I'm going to buy it so go ahead and tell me why I'm going to"), I rushed over to e-bay. I found the auction in question (not really hard, since it was bookmarked in the "my e-bay section"..ahem) and clicked on it, intending to use the "buy it now" feature. I could already feel the green socks on my feet. Until, to my amazement, someone else used the "buy it now" option not two seconds after I got there intending to do the same thing. So wrong.

And what have we learned here? We've learned that self-control is highly overrated, never goes unpunished, and can lead to some other undeserving person wearing my green socks. Okay, okay--if she's a knitter, then she's probably cool and very deserving. But still.
A couple of other tidbits for you (I'm so tired I just typed "tidbuts"....the mental picture of which is really quite unnerving) before I go try to convince Mr. K that weenie alfredo is haute cuisine:
Ed, the most perfect of all perfect cats, was out playing in the driveway today. I got out of the car to go pet him and discovered that he had a playmate. Specifically, he had a small, beady-eyed playmate of the rodent variety, which he was casually knocking over every few minutes, after letting it think it might get away. Don't ever try to tell me that only humans hunt for sport--unless you can also convince me that Ed's human. Which, come to think of it, he might well be. ANYWAY, I felt rather sorry for the poor scurrying victim and it WAS running away from the house towards the woods so I decided to show a bit of compassion and distract the Edster long enough for it to get away. I hunkered down and started scritching behind his ears (which would distract him from just about anything, up to and including a free sushi feed with a cream chaser) and, sure enough, he turned his back on the wee mousie friend. I hummed a few bars of Born Free and considered what a great mousatarian I am.....until the mouse gathered its composure and ran--directly into Ed's feet.
What have I learned here? That there is a fine line between "compassion" and "interfering with natural selection". That, and apparently we have dumbass mice.
Lastly, I offer you this Halloween photo of the serious and dedicated nursing staff of XYZ Allergy Clinic (name changed to protect the sniffly):

I may have stood out just a bit.....and not just because I molted glitter all day like a strange, gay bird. We weren't the only ones who dressed up, either. This other picture includes the front desk staff, including Amy of the new (and well entrenched--that toaster'd better be on the way) knitting habit:

That's Amy towards the back in the white toga. She was truly adorable. My favorite part of the day was when Kelli (second devil from your left) asked me to go read the tests she put on an older gentleman and I did so, somewhat suprised that he stared at me but never commented on my outfit. She told me later that when she went in with his prescriptions and stuff he told her that "an angel came in here a bit ago. I was kind of afraid I might have died."

Hugs all around. I'm off to get that weenie alfredo on the table.


  • At 7:32 AM, Anonymous MonicaPDX said…

    Oh, dear. ::she says mournfully:: We didn't enable you fast enough! Sounds like some bionic dyeing needs to be done... And you're right, never give in to the self-control impulse when it's in relation to a dream! ::offers chai and chocolate in comfort::

    Love everyone's costumes - ROFLMAO on the guy's reaction to seeing an angel!

    I'm sure your toaster is on its way. I mean, you're angelic and you pass on the knitting fever. You even attempted to save the mouse! "Dumbass mice." A phrase I shall cherish. I'm sure Ed appreciates that you helped him stretch out playtime a bit longer! (Boy, that bird guy would be having an apoplexy just about now, wouldn't he? [veg])

  • At 7:53 AM, Anonymous Judy A said…

    Dear Ms. Knitingale,

    I too work in a medical environment where we used to dress for Halloween. Imagine three M.D.'s and one D.D.S. sharing a large reception room but each is an independent practice.

    One morning my husband, the renegade dentist in the suite, decided to dress in a pale pink tutu left over from one of our Halloween dressups. Fortunately he did not include the size ZZZ boobs that went with the tutu. (He is 6'2" and skinny. Think Ichabod Crane.) Just as he swooped across the reception room, disappearing into one of the business offices, the internist specializing in geriatrics escorted a patient to the reception room. All in a days play until we found out the patient was seeing the doctor for hallucinations. What must she have thought!

    Love your blog.

    Judy A.


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