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Saturday, September 16, 2006

Introspective Saturday

Things that make me feel old:

1. When I was a kid, no one owned computers. Or microwave ovens.
2. When I was a kid, there were three regular TV channels, and one public channel. There was no cable, no dvd, no vcr. (The advantage, of course, being that I could figure out that there was nothing on worth watching in a mere fraction of the time it takes me now)
3. I took typing in high school. On a typewriter. (90 words a minute, though, oh yeah)
4. I had feathered hair in junior high….and thought I looked really cool.
5. I went to my family reunion recently and got to see my cousin’s adult children…and her grandchildren.
6. I’ve decided that I am too old to wear clothes that have come back in style, if I remember wearing them the first time they were in style. And there already are some of those things. (Leggings, though—no loss. Seriously.).
7. I can remember John Travolta as Vinnie Barbarino. A Sweathog.
8. I used to avoid the UA Cinemas in town because they were the most expensive—their tickets cost all of $4.
9. 20-somethings seem so young.
10. I remember when a thong was half of a pair of rubber shoes.
11. I watched Charlie’s Angels…the original series.
12. I rode my bike all day, all summer long, all over the neighborhood from the time I was 8 and never even heard of a bike helmet (no funny comments about how “that explains a lot”, what do you say?).
13. All of us kids were sent outside to play in the sun all summer so we would “get a little color”. No one even considered putting sunscreen on us..
14. I’ve been told that I look good “for my age”. (Dude…that’s so bad)
15. My doctor’s notes describe me as “a pleasant, middle-aged woman in no apparent distress”. (Yeah, well, I’m distressed NOW. And I’m not as pleasant as I was before I read that, either!)

But, my dear friend Marianne (who is seriously an angel, and not particularly “in disguise”, either) told me recently that if you argue for your limitations, you get to have them. Good point. So here’s a list of reasons why it’s actually pretty cool being this age:

1. I can stay up as late as I want, eat whatever I want, and I never have to worry about getting caught making out.
2. Mr. K. –‘nuff said. (Yeah, yeah, I know—let’s say it together: Awwwwwwwww)
3. I don’t have to be in high school EVER AGAIN. (shudder)
4. There are so many things I still get to learn, only now I really like doing it.
5. Sometimes, people actually think I’m wise (oh, quit laughing. I might have said something wise once or twice, it could happen)
6. I finally “get” that no one really cares how my hair looks
7. If I want to know if someone is mad at me, is still my friend, or thinks this outfit is stupid, I can just ask.
8. I finally understand that there is very little in life that is worth true angst.
9. I can go to a restaurant or a movie alone and it will never occur to me to wonder if other people think I'm a loser who can't get a date
10. I'm starting to think that "interesting" is a better thing to be than "pretty"
11. I realize that “now” is way more important than “was” or “will be”
12. I still do dumb things….but I can laugh at them instead of wanting to die of embarrassment.
13. I’ve had interesting things happen to me, but I’m young enough to think there are probably more coming.
14. I may be a “pleasant, middle-aged woman in no apparent distress”, but the doctor listens to what I have to say. And I know enough to find a new one if she/he won’t.
15. Now that I don’t have to worry about growing up, I can finally work on growing in.

What about you? What's cool about being whatever age you are?


  • At 9:04 PM, Anonymous Faren said…

    I agree with you whole heartly. Now I don't care what most people think of me, and the people I do care what they think of me accept me the way I am, warts and all.

  • At 5:52 AM, Blogger Jo said…

    Darling Florence, I can honestly say in my sixth decade that I have never had so much fun. I've lost all that fear of not being liked, not being approved of, not fitting in. Plus I've finally realised that the newspaper pundits, TV wise guys, doctors, pseudo-best-friends, do NOT have the answers. There aren't any except those you make yourself.

    Oh and incidentally, weblogging has opened up the most incredible new world to enjoy as well as everything else. I am definitely going to have to set my alarm clock for earlier in the mornings though, to make use of every second of every day. Go, girl!


  • At 5:53 AM, Blogger Jo said…

    Forgot to ask - what are you reading back at college? I'm a total believer in mature studentship - the older you get, the better the experience. Plus you don't have to worry about boys, spots, and whether your parents will let you stay out late.


  • At 8:12 AM, Blogger Ms. Knitingale said…

    Jo--6th decade? I would have put you at least 10 year younger from your photo. You must live right for sure! What I'm studying is prerequisites so I can apply to the nursing program--which takes 40 - 50 students out of 300 - 500 applicants once per year. No pressure pressure at all...

  • At 11:13 AM, Anonymous Marianne said…

    SweetWoman! I know I've told you this before..yep, I. Love. You.
    You really had me laughing and snorting, although I have 12 years on you...I can relate to everything on your list, except no feathered hair, and "I could type faster than you, oh yeah". Thongs aren't half of a pair of rubber shoes? yay, Sweathogs.
    I sure wouldn't have put Jo to be in her 60's either, wow, lovely woman.
    thank you. You're going to be hearing from me, heads up.


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